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'94 XLT, chattanooga, TN

sup fellas. i happened across rick's site and this forum about two years ago, and have been addicted to explorers ever since (i just now decided to post in the registry). i've found more information than i can handle, answers to any question i've had, and learned tons since i've been reading it.

anywho, my name is jordan, i live in chattanooga, tn. and go to college at tennessee tech university in cookeville, tn (about 2 hours north of here). i'll be a sophomore there next fall, and i'm majoring in computer engineering. i've been driving my 94 xlt since i got it the summer after i turned 16, and i've loved it. about the only thing i've done to it is get a kenwood KDC-MP8017 mp3/cd player headunit, which is ok, but is having trouble with mp3 directory navigation for some reason with my burned cd-r's.

besides explorers and cars in general, i'm also really into computers - hence my major. i've used the linux operating system for about 4 years now pretty steadily, and i built the pc i currently use. it's got an athlon 700, 1gb of mixed pc100/pc133 ram, a pioneer 16x dvd-rom, plextor 16/10/40x cd-rw, 17" monitor and a matrox g400 max 32mb video card, etc. most of my time on it is spent reading this forum and listening to mp3s. that's about all i can think of, so i'll go back to reading the rest of the site now :D. rick, excellent job on the site, and everyone keep up the great work letting the world know that explorers are good for more than just rolling over. :cool:

you sound just like me except for the fact you have a 4x4 and i only have a .......2x4. How is Tn tech? I was born in cookeville and thought serously about going there.

sorry I had to post again so I could break 100 posts