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'94 Xlt check engine light when cold


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January 29, 2009
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Smyrna, Ga
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'94 XLT
Hello everyone, my check engine light comes and stays on for about 5-10 miles. (depending on how cold it is out, the colder it is out the longer it stays on) The truck still runs perfectly fine with the light on, not sluggish and idles fine. It is a 1994 with 178,000 miles,Any suggestions??:chug:

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1st thing would be to have any CEL codes checked by a scanner

Alright thanks, I am gonna try the self test next time I get home from school.

Just a guess, on my 94 it was the oxygen sensors (2) that are screwed into both exhaust pipes...I think before the catalytic converter. Light went away after sensors were replaced. Good Luck on yours.