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'94 XLT Owners !!!!


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April 16, 2002
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'94 XLT
Hi Gang! What are the most serious concerns with the '94 XLT if any about repairs/things to look out for? I havent had any problems yet with my '94 XLT except the FUEL GAUGE acting funny on me, and of course with the normal mtce' of oil changes/tunes-ups what not et al' that's all. I'd say it was a GREAT year for the EXPLORER b-4 the change over to the new BODY style. Not a BIGGIE for me......Any Comments out there will be appreciated.;)

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I've had mine for about a month now, with no problems other than I broke the hinge on the arm rest. I agree that the 94 had few problems, cheked it out on consumer guide. Just about ever other year had problems or recalls. I've put over 4,000 miles inthe month I've had it. I love this vehicle, and I don't care what owners of other SUV's say, I'll keep it until I can't push it any more.:bounce:


I had a 94' but my mom gave it to my sister. It was one of the more reliable years. The only thing that I had to replace on mine was the axle bushings that was it. And I dogged the hell out of it scince I was 16 (so about 3 years now) I mean everything from racing those damn ricers and flooring it all the time just to hear those flowmasters growl, towing our boat or jet skis back and forth to our lakehouse at about 75-85 to pass the semi's:D . And not 1 hic-cup from this truck except the axle bushings and regular maintnance. The funny thing is a lot have had problems with every year Explorer transmission and mines still all original. And when I first got it I used to drop it into first and floor it all the way past redline (I know that was a smart idea now) becasue my exhaust at that rpm would sound wicked. Yet no matter what I did it ran perfect. Was a birthday present with 58,000 miles on it, on my sis birthday she got it with 94,000 miles on the same transmission. The only problem I can tell is that it shifts slightly harder into 2nd gear when not given enough throttle, otherwise as smooth as when I got. Amazing!;)

105k and still ticking(not literally) with original tranny and engine... with 2 rolls and a wreck and a 2 fender benders...... oh yeah...the autohubs are crap though...replaced with warn manuals

I've only had my '94 for a couple of months. Seems to be a really good unit. Needed the MAF and 02 sensor replaced, but the dealer took care of that free.

Mine had the tow package, but had never been used to tow. I have a 16' boat and it tows it like it isn't even there. Brakes seem really good and the power of the 4L isn't too bad. This is a second vehicle and gets quite a bit of town driving with the occassional highway run.

Trans is working fine, I'll see how long that lasts. I know it has had some of the recalls attented to as it was a local car and I found the dealer who sold and serviced it for any warranty or recall stuff.

I'm basically happy with it, particularly in that the previous owner was obviously **** as it still has everything it came with (cargo net, gloves by jack, books in zipper case). From what I have found out he was an older retired gentleman and the vehcile saw very little highway driving.

Hmmmm. '94 XLT. Once it gets to get around 80,000 miles, things start going. Transfer case. Hubs. Etc. If the Ex has under or around 80,000, check to see if these things have been done. If the Ex is far and away beyond 80,000, assume that they've been done already

Nope, everything is still original, the only things I had to have replaced were something that got nocked lose in the air conditioner after an accident (it was blowing hot air until one of the mechanics at the dealership tightened something and now it blows cold again), and I had to get my axle bushings replaced a few months after I got my truck. The original owner bought the truck from a Ford Dealer, but he new the owners of the Lincoln/Mercury dealership so he only had it serviced there and at 50000 miles traded it in at that dealership. Thats when I recieved it. We have all the service records from the dealership from the 1st oil change and on and the only things it needed were maintance and normal things that wear. But the tranny is still original, the only thing I can think of is that now you can feel it shift a little firmer into 1st gear that before. But my friends 96' has 80000 miles on it and it does the same thing. What exactly is wrong with these transmissions? Did I just get lucky, because I was very hard on hit, I mean brake-tourqing it at lights when rices wanted a run or just flooring it all the time to hear my exhaust. Also my mom just traded in her 97' Mountaineer 5.0 with about 80000 miles on the original tranny and she was as hard (if not harder) than I was was. She also punched it all the time (and has about 10 speeding tickets to vouch for). Did the 5.0 and 4.0 use the same 4 speed or was the 5.0 tranny beefed up more? Becasue you hear and read about a lot more 4.0's that blow trannies than the 5.0's which I think is odd considering the huge power difference.

Originally posted by 94tanXLT
Also my mom just traded in her 97' Mountaineer 5.0 with about 80000 miles on the original tranny and she was as hard (if not harder) than I was was.

Wow, it's not every day you see someone's mother driving harder than they do :eek:

165k miles.

I replaced the auto hubs with Warn manuals.
The serpentine belt idler pulley was replaced. (A THIN washer holding it together wore out and came off.)

Lifter noise (my current concern.)
Blower motor/fan cutting out.
Front shock mounts broke.
Dead Link Removed Luckily fixed cheap. (Check out the thread - nobody ever answered my final question.)

Speedometer bounced around since 50k miles. Used to be able to slap the dash to make it stop, but no more. I think that calls for a speedo head unit replacement.

Also, I think its time for Dead Link Removed It works fine cold, but not warm.

Edit: New post about speedometer.

Diablo - Yeh my mom is a pretty fast driver (her other cars before this truck were a Porsche, Buick GNX, we used to have a Chevelle LS6 and a few others) the funny thing is that my grandparents got her the truck as a present (and also so she wouldn't speed as much) but it didn't help, the 5.0 Ex's and Mounty's are pretty powerful (especially compared to mine) It's not that she really speeds but shes always flooring it to pass someone or even race a few times (and that just happens to be the exact moment a cop nails her) hell she even raced me a few times when we were following each other and she killed me. But after quite a few driving classes and tickets she's not that bad anymore, she just can't stand it when people go the exact speed limit or below it.:rolleyes:

Oh Yeh, what is exactly wrong with these transmissions, Did we just get lucky with our trucks? Cause my friend also has a 96' ohv XLT and it's a little over 80,000 miles on the original tranny. But my tranny only shifts a little firmer from 1st to 2nd gear than when I got it three years ago, and his truck does the same thing, but my moms didn't.

Originally posted by 94tanXLT
she just can't stand it when people go the exact speed limit or below it.:rolleyes:

My mom's like that. But she'd never race :(

Had my '94 for 4 years. Replaced the Auto hubs with Warn manuals due to wear (slippin). Went thru the tire recall and installed Michelins from Sams club. Replaced the radius arm bushings (drilled the rivets from rear bracket for access).
Fixed the pinging by cleaning the mass airflow sensor(easiest fix I've ever seen & it works). Replaced both O2 sensors due to very poor acceleration when hot. Used a code reader to diagnose that one. Replaced a thermostat due to not heating up. Other than that I perform all preventative maintenance as required, like brakes ,oil & lubing, plugs etc.
All in all this isn't very bad for a truck that now just turned 100K a week ago. Runs strong as when I got it.
Hope this helps.

Very happy with mine.75,000 miles +.Other than some tranny trouble when I first got it in January(took about 5-8 seconds before it would enage into drive),and the dealer took care of that.It's been fine ever since.Debating on replacing the O2 sensors for the check engine light (vs. paying $75 for diagnostic and then paying $100 to replace them).It runs great ! I guess a cheaper route would be the electric tape over the idiot light trick! Anyway the Flowmasters will be installed in the morning! Not sure I'll be able to sleep...