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94 XLT - Remote door locks?


June 28, 2004
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Manassas, VA
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'94 XLT
Does anybody know if the 94 XLT's had a standard remote for the doors? I've got power locks and was just wondering if maybe my Explorer is equipped for them and the previous owner didn't give them to the dealership when she traded it in.

Thanks for any help.

Don't think it was a factory option on a 94 XLT. The limited might have had it. Not sure on that. Most times a dealer will install this as a dealer option. I had 2 94's & didn't have it. I had a real alarm installed that gave me them as well as the alarm features.

thanks for the info. Don't think I'll put wory about alarm for my X. I'll just deal with sticking the key in the door every morning.


i have a 1994 XLT, it has remote entry/alarm. Factory, not dealer. There was recently a thread about this somewhere. I believe it has to have quite the option package though... mine has everything minus sunroof and 2-tone paint.