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94x shifting when cold 1-2 2-3


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November 12, 2007
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campbellriver vancouver island b.c.
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94 xlt
94x with 70.000k on ford rebuild tranny. when cold has a hard time shifting from 1to2and2-3. shifts1-2 manual ok but 2-3 revs up before shifting. works fine when warm.change oil and filter 3 weeks ago no metal or gasket in pan just normal sludge it got worst after oil change. read on governors and is that a1-2 shift only or 2-3 as well.l

You can do a search, but I think that the problems you are having are governor-related. It's easy to get to, you just need to drop the transfer case(if you are 4WD) and it is in the tail end of the tranny. Check out Glacier991's rebuild diary if you want to see pics of the parts and where they are. It's pretty simple to do, I did it in my driveway in about 1 1/2 hours by myself, and I'm not the fastest mechanic!