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94xlt JPX in the UK

Hi everyone, Ive posted in the UK section but thought Id post in here. Ive always liked explorers since Jurassic park, Although second gens are somewhat common here, or were.. 1st gens are rare indeed, so when I saw this for sale I had to have it and it unintentionally ended up as a JP lookalike. Its a genuine 60k miles from new one owner truck, but had stood a good few years before I got it, so theres been some niggles to sort and with the british weather a little rust. The 'go rhino' style brush guard is home made and the tail lamp guards modified second gen ones donated by Ilikemice :)






Being in the UK its a bit difficult to get many parts. Id love to swap the grey interior for tan and get another first gen dash, or at least the passenger half to make the interior accurate, but here it would be difficult, I could buy a second gen for the tan carpet, headliner and trim pieces though

Nicely done.