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For Sale 95-01 Explorer Parts for SALE

So as a lot of you know, I've been parting out my 97 Explorer Limited Edition V8. I got the SUV towed to the scrap yard, but I stripped SO many parts out of it before it left. Almost all the parts I have will work with Explorers 95-01. The interior was a nice tan color (the darker tan). Everything's taking up space in my garage, so im letting parts go for CHEAP!! Let me know what your interested in, or if you want pictures.

Mass Air Flow Sensor - $20
Throttle Body - $20
Front License Plate Holder - $5
Newer Style Pass Side Exhaust Manifold (Dorman 674-329) - $30
Lamp-Out Module (These are HARD to find!!) - $20
All 4 "Limited" Center Caps - $20 for all 4
Remy 130 Amp Alternator (Installed only a couple weeks before I started parting out Explorer) - $40
Denso Oxygen Sensor (In box) Downstream Left or Right - Part # 234-4071 - $25
Ford JBL Headunit - $30
All 4 Ford JBL Premium Sound Speakers - $10 Each
PCM (Powertrain Control Module) Computer -$40
Pearl White Radio Bezel & Center Console Pieces -$15 Each
Message Center/Trip Computer -$15
Front "Offset" Cupholder - $10
Overhead Console (Lights, Compass) - $15
Blower Motor Resistor -$10
Front Seat Headrests Only -$20 Each
2 Motorcraft Ignition Coil Packs -$30 for both
Stant 10502 Locking Gas Cap - $10
Interior Visors - $20 for both
Air Ride Suspension Switch - $10
Passenger Side Airbag - $40
Glove Box - $20
Drivers Side Airbag - $40
Cruise Control Buttons (In good shape!) - SOLD
Interior Door Handle Clips - $5
Seat Memory Buttons - $5
Side Mirror Adjuster Button - SOLD
Front Interior Lower Kick Panels - $20 for both
Headlight "Flaps" Assembly - $15
Fog Light 880 HID Bulbs (6000k White, 8000k Light Blue, and 10000k Dark Blue) $10 a pair


JL Audio 6W3 4 Ohm 6 1/2" Subwoofer. 150 Watts RMS 300 Watts. This sub hits for being only 6.5 Inches. Good for a factory replacement in the 95-97 Explorers or for a custom setup. 4 Ohm version. Works and is not blown, but may need the Negative lead re-glued because it cuts out. I've found that wiggling the negative speaker lead makes it work. $40


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Just an FYI, be prepared to wait weeks to receive your parts and potentially have to file a Paypal claim to get them shipped. I paid for the switches I bought from Cam on 11/29 and he told me they would be shipped within a day or two. I was out of town for 2 weeks, but after getting back home and not finding any parts waiting for me, I contacted him and he assured me they had been shipped and that he'd have to find the tracking # from his receipt and get back to me, which he never did. After sending another message or two with no response (although he logged onto the site several times after the messages were sent) or parts in hand, I filed a Paypal dispute. He then finally responded with a tracking # and the parts arrived a few days later (on 12/24!), however the tracking info and postage date on the package both show that it wasn't shipped until after the Paypal dispute had been opened. In fairness, I did receive the parts and they were in decent shape and worked fine, but I do not appreciate being blatantly lied to and would never buy from him again, nor would I recommend anyone else to either. Proceed at your own risk...


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December 27, 2009
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I'll take that alternator. I suppose you got rid of that grill then?


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I'm interested in the "Interior Visors - $20 for both". Are they still available? Any pictures?