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95-01 rollpans are available


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October 18, 2001
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1996 xlt
I am going to start making fiberglass rollpans for 95-01 explorers. they will be made on a one by one basis to order, the cost will be $550 or $675 painted to match the factory paint code. They will be designed so that the stock splashguards will stay on the vehicle and will have a nice even body gap to the splashguards, tailgate etc.. Tehy will not be fully molded to the truck as mine is- but that could be done fairly easily on your own. They will be formed using a xl explorer as the donor vehicle so they may or may not match up to your fender flares in a way you are ok with etc. its up to you if you want to try to make it work with any of the various flares that are options on our trucks.

if your interested contact me at wattsupcustoms@hotmail.com


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i will post pictures as soon as i finish the one i was just commissioned to fabricate, expect to see them in approximately 2 weeks. I"m busy right now because i'm going to indianapolis for a show and working on a few other things so i can't start immediately. for now i don't have a picture of exactly how these pans will look (due to them not being molded as mine is) however, i'll post a few pictures of my work so you can see the quality or what not.

wish i had more pictures of my rollpan, but i hope ya'll get the idea. I know the $ is a lot that i'm asking, but i need that much to make the hours i'll put in worth it. I could do it cheaper but don't want to do work that i won't be proud of for years to come.


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hmmm thats not a bad price. this is kind of off subject, but what do you have on your front emblem? Is it just a circle with nothing or what?

Will it fit the mountianeer or just the Ex?


front emblem is the mercury logo circle thats been filled and has a ford script logo airbrushed on it.

there is no reason these won't fit the mountaineers, however i'm not sure on the fender flare situation with them as well. it won't look bad with any of the flares imo, but it will not look as good as it would with the regular (non-flared) rear end.

will you be building a rollpan for the 01 sport? if so, will it also replace the rear plastic peices behind the wheel?