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95 4wd lift help


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January 13, 2010
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95 XLT , 96 XLT
hey evrybody.. i have a 95 explorer w/ 4wd .. i want to put a lift on it .. theres just one problem.. my t bars are welded not bolted.. i can do any lift. body lift or suspension.. i cant find anything tho.. 4 or more inches is what im looking for.. can anyone help me out? thanks - steve

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body lift allows bigger tires, add the torsion twist and shackles, and boom, you can run 33's,,

do u kno were i csn get a bpdy lif kit? .. i cnt do a tt because the torsion bars arent twistable ..

You can do a TT. The torsion bars are turnable. You have some confusion happening. Your torsion bar brackets are what are welded to the frame. Not the actual bars. Welded brackets mean you cannot add the Superlift lowering bracket for a real suspension lift (without a lot of modding at least).

You could also do the lift that Corkey has on a 95 since it eliminates the torsion bars altogether.

yes they are, they are not welded solid, there must be adjustment,

body lift , performance accessories, pa 883,, available at summit racing,

ill upload a pic later.. theres no way .. but thanks

i have something to say here as most people believe that a superlift cannot be put on the 95 or 96 Explorers, i have news for them, my 96 also had the welded mounts for the t bars and i have the superlift torsion bars drop brackets on till my new springs for my coilovers get here,,
so in fact i do believe that the superlift may be installable on the 95 as well,

you upload the pics i will tell you where the adjustment is,,

ok thanks .. i will.. i just dont want to buy sumething wont fit

srry if i sound lik an idiot .. sumone told me it wasnt possible but i guees if u hav done it and it works .. ill do it

here you go, 1996 with welded on t bar bracket, and superlift drop and t bars installed,,


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k, we need to see the other end now, the back, like this,
this is the back of the rear mount,

and under it there is a bolt, like this,

that bolt underneath is the adjuster bolt,

the top picture is the superlift drop bracket fastened under the welded on t bar bracket, ,

yes, as you tighten it in the front lifts,,
but don't go too far in or you get cv axle bind

ok .. im about to go try it. but i read somewhere that you need to put ur jacks in a certain place to take the pressure off something .. where do i put them, or do i need to put them at all ? thanks

i do mine when it is on the ground, but jackstands do make it easier,
they have to be on the frame , so the a arms are hanging,

Do you have any pics of your writeup with the tbar brackets/superlift kit?? I have been considering this for years. Kind of lost desire when Superlift emailed that they have NEVER been able to keep correct alignment with the 95. Didnt know some of the 96's like yours had welded on brackets also. Passed up a few good deals on the Superlift kits along the way thinking the install would be too much of a hassle with the 95.