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95-97 Ranger TTB on a EB?


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August 8, 2009
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'91 xl m5 4x4
Been doing some searching an TTB options for my truck and I so far see that no one has tried to put a full 2nd Gen Ranger TTB axle on a 1st Gen EB. Are there any reasons other than the torsion bar issue for not doing so?

I can obtain a full axle, with knuckles more easily than I can just the knuckles and associated hardware to do the knuckle swap. Since I am contemplating doing a regear and diff upgrade in the front t the same time to minimize the down time. It seems to me that this may be an easier deal than pulling apart my TTB to mesh the two together. I'm also looking at adding a 2inch lift via F150 springs to fit 33's.

My goal is to combine this with a 2nd Gen EB rear axle, also regeared and Aussied, along with SOA so I can have a fully upgraded brake system as well as an upgraded drivetrain and lift.

Your thoughts?

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The 93-97 Ranger TTB is the same as the 91-94 Explorer, the difference is in the spindles/brakes, with the Ranger having received 2-piston calipers where the Explorer only had single piston calipers with slide pins. The TTB itself is no different. There is no torsion beam issue, torsion beams were not used until the later models with IFS.

Go ahead and get the whole axle, knuckes, gears, etc. and swap it all in, it should all bolt on and work excellent with the new rear axle as well. You may need to swap the brake proportioning valve, since the setup will be that of a newer Explorer rather than the disc/drum of the 1st gen.

Sweet! Some where, I got mixed up and thought the Ranger had the Torsion beams on the 2nd Gen, not 3rd Gen Rangers.

This should make way for a clean bolt on job. I can also use my truck while I get the gears and diff stuff installed. Now to get the parts and get to work!

Ranger came w/TTB thru 97, IFS started in 98.
Be aware though, that only Rangers with a 4.0 engine have the same D35 axle.

Got it Ranger X, Thanks!

All ready found a few suspects, just working on possibilities of getting them to where I live in the sticks of alaska!

Some non-4.0L Rangers did infact come with the D35 too, however unless you know exactly what to look for, your safe bet is to simply stick with 4.0L ones.

Can't you just count the bolts on the front diff? Course, You might be able to end up with a Dana 35 hybrid that way (I don't know what years use the hybrid)


Thanks TBars and Maniak,

Wood1 list of helpful TTB links was a great help and those links are in them.

I have also been digging in at the rangerstation site and found their tech page really helpful too.