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95 EB still not right


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September 29, 2008
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96 Eddie Bauer
Had my old problems... I pulled apart and cleaned the MAF and cleared the codes.

Didn't run great but ran better for a while... finally popped a new code and it read as 0171.

Thinking of taking it in to Ford for a correct diagnosis but figure I'd give this forum another shot.

When I tryt o start it is never starts first try. Usually it just dies right out. Sometimes it sputters then dies. Almost sounds like small backfires. Im wondering if the exhaust needs to be replaced.

It doesn't seem to be getting much gas. I will step on the gas but there is a certain "zone" that you need to be in to feed it gas and not have it die... too little doesn't work... too much and it still dies.

Any ideas?

Sounds like it could be the IAC which is the Idle Air Controller.

I'll check that out but how would that cause the 0171 code?