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95+ EX winch mount???


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September 27, 2002
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95 Explorer XLT
I am thinking on adding a winch to my 95 EX but haven't seen what is available? I know the warn transformer is available but don't know what it would look like. or what else is out there.

I may even custom mount it behind the bumper.


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Ray Lobato has a winch mounted on his X. Check out his elite page. Also you could always put a hidden hitch up front, and mount a winch that way.

If you buy a Manik Brushgaurd which mounts to the frame, they make a braket to which you can mount a winch to the brushgaurd....... Im not sure of the durability of it though...

Ramsey does make a winch/grill guard for 95+ Explorers. I have one on my truck and it wasn't that much. I think it was around $450.00. It weighs in at about 100 pounds, and is much beefier than the regular grill guards that Waag builds for themselves. Yes Waag does build these excluvisely for ramsey. Gerald has a regular Waag grill guard on his truck, and you definately see the differance between his and mine. BIG DEFFERANCE!

Originally posted by 94ZebraRanger

I may even custom mount it behind the bumper.



i just did the behind the bumper mount on my 99. i used a warn HS9500. i'll give you some quick pros and cons to this setup.. i haven't had to use it on a trail yet and actually havne't been wheelin since i finished it, but i did pull some stuff around the shop just for fun to test it out.

-looks (varies with opinions) i like the somewhat stock sleeper look so it was perfect
-cheaper than a new bumper
-makes wife happy that it isn't all sticking out and obvious

-not easy to get to the clutch engagement lever back there, not easy at all! i made a special tool that i have in the truck that i can access it with and turn it
-respooling neatly will be a little more difficult
-it sits lower (b/w the rails) so it may be more likely to get in the mud or water
-have to go custom on this sucker. completely.

i may actually just remove my bumper when i go wheeling to get around the cons of it being hidden if i have to use it. it takes me about 2 minutes to remove the bumper now after all the practice i got doing it over and over while doing the winch mount. i'm happy with it and i'm not worried about the cons so much since it doesn't get used a lot, i hope.

edit: with the winch i got, it was impossible to center the fairlead so as you can see, it sits about 1.5 - 2" off center. oh well. i made a bracket that holds a license plate that covers the fairlead up completely. you can't see any of it with that on. my wife even asked if i took the winch out when i put that on.

Wow Jason, your X is looking fantastic! Excellent work.

TJM for a 94 ranger works good too ;)

Jason, that is exactly what I was thinking. May not use a 9500 but may use an 8000. What have you done to it?

i built a big honking bracket that fits between the frame rails. had to cut a lot of bumper away to make it fit. its a tight squeeze in there!

Bump... Can we see a few pics of the mounting bracket you made for the winch?

can anyone tell me where i can find a 3 or 4 inch body lift for a 95 explorer xlt

unabonked said:
Bump... Can we see a few pics of the mounting bracket you made for the winch?

doh! this got bumped and realized i never sent those to you!! i'll get that done so you can see.. only 2 months late! sorry.

pat0046... almost any 4x4 store will have them. you have to buy one for a ranger though. use the search feature of the site and browse around a bit and you will find all the info you could think of for a body lift.

took a few pics today. its hard to see what's going on really with the bumper on and the winch in place. its pretty much a flat plate that goes under the frame rails. has ribs welded under so it doesn't bend. has a flange welded to the plate that sits flush with the inside of the frame rail and has one bolt through the rail horizontally. there are 3 bolts through the bottom up into the frame rail. (each side). i welded a piece of angle to the front and cut out a chunk for the wire to feed though. that's where the fairlead is mounted. also welded and bolted a tow hook for quick pulls.
had to relocate the trans cooler which wasn't hard. had to cut lots of bumper. had to cut plastic around the inside of the grill to mount the control pak. hope this helps. i've only used it once other than the first day and that was to pull up some stumps. money well spent? we'll see!!


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Where did you relocate the transcooler to?

Is that a tranny cooler or the factory power steering cooler? Looks real good. I always wondered how a winch would mount up, and that looks fairly straight forward. I could definately machine up a plate, just have to save up some cash, and get the nerve to hack up the bumper. :)

relocated the trans cooler just up about 6" from where it was. mike, the cooler you see in the pics is the radiator. :) the hoses that go under it and that go up through the winch plate go to the trans cooler.

there really isn't anything to the plate. its just a flat plate bolted up to the bottom of the rails. i put welded supports that fit inside the frame and bolt throught it as well. then welded the "fins" on the bottom for rigidity. weld a piece of angle up front to mount the fairlead and cut the bumper all to hell. mounting the control pack was tough because its hidden too. its behind the grill off to the driver side. that required more plastic removal.

Yeah it seems like an easy process. However I don't have acces to the right equiptment to do all of the cutting and welding of the metal plates. That's why I was hoping I could grab yours when you put that winch on your latest buildup. Good luck on that by the way.

Ok I was asked an interesting question the other day. Basically asked if I'd be willing to make a few more of these. Well now that I need $$ for my Samurai buildup, my mind may be changing and I may be willing to do a few more. If you are interested, let me know and I'll try to figure up a price. Also keep in mind that there will be work for you to do such as routing lines, drilling a couple of holes, relocating the trans cooler, etc. I'll even make brackets to relocate that stuff assuming you want it EXACTLY where I put mine. In any case, I'm willing to consider making a few of these, especially I've tested it on a really hard couple of pulls now and its held up fine. If enough are interested I'll get the ball rolling and take the steps necessary.

Hell yeah I would definately be interested, lemme know how much and I will definately like all of the brackets and info on how exactly you relocated everythin and also if you could show where you mounted your control pak.

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If your '99 sport is similar to my '96(pretty positive it is), I am interested if the price is right. Let us know.