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'95 Explorer Sport w/ solid axle up front


November 2, 2000
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2001 Ranger XLT
I have a '95 sport that I am in the process of transforming into "The Ultimate Off-Road Warrior" and I am debating upon purchasing a '90-'94 sport with the TTB and converting it to a solid axle. I have adequate funding for the project and I want to go all out. NOTE... I am NOT building a tow rig, I want a very fuctional off-road setup and like the finesse of my explorer. It kinda holds a sentimental value to keep my baby...We have had our moments, most of which were glorious, some not so glorious. Any advice would be great. For starters, I am installing an Atlas II t-case, 4.56 gears. I might go with a Ford 9" with 31 splines in the rear and a Dana44 up front as I can get ARB's for both but I don't know if I'll do that or just put a L/S up in front. I thought about dropping in a 5.8L and then scrap the Atlas II for the setup under the F-150's and then just replace the tranny as well. I honestly do not know what I am going to do or what would be the best to do. I just got a new job and have a company vehicle and so I can now just go out and have fun with the explorer. Also, what am I going to need for a lift in it. If I do swap the chassis with one from a '90-'94 what lift kits are available for a solid axle conversion?

Another thing is what do you guys recommend as far as aftermarket bumpers and such. I will need a tire-carrier in back as I'd like to run 35's.

As my closing statement I wish to inform you all that I am buying a digital camera so when I do start I will have pict's posted that day...Kinda like "play by play" with about 10 hours of jet lag!!!

Wish me lots of luck on this one cuz this is the first time I've ever tried this!

If I do get this done by May (really pushin' it) Try and get me on the list for MOAB I'll come down and let you all see how I did it. And if NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING goes wrong I think I'll make that deadline!!!

By the way, if I do swap in the 5.8L, I have a 97 SOHC for sale with 115K miles on it

OK guys! I am looking for some input here. Anything and everything would be nice.

Keep the 4.0 and just do engine mods to it. Headers, exhaust, wires, plugs, intake, etc. and if you have the cash do internal mods also. Swapping is to time consuming and costly.

A Dana 44 up front is good, think that is what Rick is running and Riffman is doing also though he is doing 60 in the rear. If your going all out put a locker up front not limited slip.

If your going ALL out then a roll cage is a must, Rick has an article on his.

Good luck and take pictures.

Since the 95 is a torsion bar setup, a lot of custom fab work will have to be done. Check out http://www.setstr8.com under their new product section. They have an 97 up F150 kit. Since this is also a torsion setup, then a lot of the "ideas" should carry over.