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95+ fender flairs on 91 - 94 ?


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June 12, 2006
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95 XLT
I can get some fender flairs off a new style ex,
has anyone seen or used these on the 91 - 94 style? If there is some cutting of the fenders that is no problem. I would like to get something out over these wheels before I get a VI!



this is the truck I would be taking them off.... Just dont want to get these and have no way of using them at all... any info would be great!


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ur truck looks good man.. sorry i dont hav any info tho. what lift is that?

dont think its rust, has been alot of salt on the roads though, could be rust from me cutting under there...
I know its a different shape, I wounder if any one has made them work. I will cut the front fenders to fit, but not the back

I know the chrome piece that goes between the rear wheels and bumper is interchangeable, I put the 1st gen parts on mine instead of the plastic parts that had chrome peeling off.

1st gen and 2nd gen for the most part share everything , sheetmetal-wise, from the firewall back (except firewall), meaning the cab is the basically the same, doors will swap, tailgate as well.

I don't see any reason why you couldn't put the flares on, it'd balance out your truck a bit more, give it some visual width to it. The hitch might be in the shape of the front-wheel opening but that's easy to take off flair put on yours.

I'm not definite on whether 2nd gen flares would work on a 1st gen, but i do know that you can't put the rear flare of a 2 door on a 4 door. The 4 door flare would need to be 2 pieces, one that goes on the door and one that goes on the quarter panel.

If you can't use them i might be interested in them

well sounds good. I think I will go grab them tomorrow and check it out! I will let you know how it goes.

Yes the flares fit, the wheel arches are the same. You'll have to figure out what you want to do about the rocker panel trim, though, since there isn't enough plastic on the Sport to make it fit the 4 door. Maybe just leave it off and taper the flares some, since you may have to trim the lower part of the front flares behind the tire anyway, since it might rub depending on your lift and tire size. I'm surprised the later flares aren't used more often on lifted X's.

good to know they will fit, but when I went to go get the trim the truck was just loaded and leaving for the wrecker :( I was pissed off, so I am trying to find out what one it went to so I can go grab em!

to the wrecker....wtf...why...it looks like its in good condition...lots of savagable parts even if it has a blown engine/motor....what a piss off.

to the wrecker....wtf...why...it looks like its in good condition...lots of savagable parts even if it has a blown engine/motor....what a piss off.

yeah big piss off. Its not mine so I had no say. Had no seats or rear axle, blown engine etc....