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95 Ford Explorer constantly stalling!


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November 10, 2014
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Houston, TX
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95 Ford Explorer
Hi all, new to the forums here.

I have owned my 1995 Ford Explorer since 2008 and I'd like to keep it, yet I'm having some problems that need serious attention and mechanics can't seem to figure out what it is. Perhaps you can!

It has 200k+ miles (Odometer stopped working at 137k before I bought it!) and it is an automatic.

Main problems I'm having:

1) Stalling: After I stop, then start going again, it may stall on me. Sometimes it stalls when I'm going 30-40mph+ as well. It starts right up with no problems. It will sometimes stall 2-3 times on the way to work.
2) Check Engine Light

It started randomly stalling a few years back, but NO check engine light. I took it to a shop and they said I need a tune up. So I got a tune-up. Didn't fix it. At this time it would still pass inspection.

As time went on, it started stalling more frequently. The check engine light also came on. I took it to 4 different places and they all said their scanner couldn't read the computer to find out what was wrong with it.

Until tonight, I learned after doing some research that I needed an original OBD scanner, not OBD II, and that many mechanics are fooled by the OBD II dummy plug on the 95 Explorers. It amazes me the incompetence of some shops. Shouldn't they know this stuff? Anyway, I found an O'Reilly with an original OBD scanner and these codes came up:

P0302: Cylinder #2 Misfire
P0455: Evap emissions system

But when I look these problems up, neither one describes the symptoms I'm having. I found on these forums that it may be the IAC valve, but it seems to idle fine when in park, and it doesn't stall when idling, it stalls after I try to get going when I put my foot on the gas, or while I'm driving. Also there is no whining sound, which I read is typical of a bad IAC valve.

The cars Blue Book value in this condition appears to be $810.00 :/

I'm even willing to spend this much for a guaranteed fix, just because I'm more comfortable putting my money into my own car rather than buying a used car and not knowing it's history. Or is it better to just cut my losses and move on?

Thanks for your time!

What did they do exactly for the tune up? Plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter? What engine do you have? Misfire code p0302 is a clue you are not getting fuel, spark or right amount of air. If the fuel filter was not replaced I would start there as it sounds like you may be losing fuel.

many possibilities

With the age and the mileage there are many possible problems. You could spend a lot of money replacing things and still not fix the problem. I assume that you have the OHV V6. I suggest that you perform some testing before replacing things.

Check the ignition wiring routing. Many members misconnect coilpack terminal 5 to cylinder 6 and coilpack terminal 6 to cylinder 5.
I also suggest a fuel pressure test and a cylinder compression test. Examine the spark plugs for abnormal wear when they are removed for the compression test.

If you're not capable of performing the above yourself and have to pay a shop to do them and similar things then you would probably be better off just selling the vehicle and buying something more reliable. A 20 year old vehicle will continually have things failing.

Thanks for the responses guys. 2000streetrod that is probably the most sound advice I have received. No sense in starting to replace parts not being sure what is causing the problem.

As it turns out, you were right. Anything can go wrong with a 20 year old vehicle. Good thing I didn't try to invest in fixing the engine problems as the Explorer just died in my driveway and I'm pretty sure it's the transmission.

So now I have to send it off to Explorer heaven. Perhaps I should have joined the forums a few years back and it may have lasted me longer. But I think I got my money's worth out of this thing.