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'95 in Spokane WA

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I have a '93 (still broken down) and '95 Explorer.
So I just picked this ride up a few days ago so nothing has been done to it yet. Hopefully I can gather some ideas on this site and start getting her ready for fun!!

Pic one is the first day I got her and pic 2 is the third day I had her.....


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looks like a fun time! what are your plans for the '95? Reminds me of my '97....

Not sure yet. I know I want to raise her up and make her a little more water resistant so I don't stall in the mudd and/or puddles like this one. :)

Yeah, I need to raise mine a little too! Cranking the torsion bars up and putting longer shackles on the back seems to be one of the more cost-effective ways to lift these.

My wishlist is about the same lol I'm just having a hard time finding stuff for my year explorer. Does everybody just have their stuff custom built or is there some place I don't know about.

Ebay is always a good place to check, as well as the For Sale forums on here....I've found a good amount of stuff that way.

Welcome to the site.

What do you need for the '93? I have a good bit of stuff taking up space in my shed off my 92... What kind of things are you wondering about as far as fab work vs buying, there are a few good places here in the valley...

I'm not sure whats wrong with the 93 it has something to do with the ignition cylinder. the person before us shoved the ignition in wrong and it couldn't even be drilled out so we had to replace the whole steering column. Now we got everything in but the cylinder turns doesn't catch (start) or turn back without being manually done. So I'm not really sure.

For the 95 just looking for a good lift, a nice bumper and some tires :) oh and a snorkel.
Nice to see someone in my neck of the woods!!!

Sounds like you got a bad column. If you got it from a local yard, take it back... I know Spaldings has a bunch of the 1st gens around. I haven't decided if I am going to use the column out of mine yet but I'll keep you in mind...

For parts locally, take a look at Central 4 wheel drive. (you can see them to the north of 95 at Pines). On line will be your friend for a lot of stuff but they come very close to online prices and they carry a good deal of stuff...

If you end up needing some fabrication work let me know and I can refer you to some folks here in town or may be able to do it for you...

OBTW, where were you when you found that puddle? Have you gone up onto the beacon yet?

Ill keep all that in mind. Thanks!!

The puddle was at the 7 mile ORV park, first place I have found to go play. Where is beacon? I really want someone to go cause when I stalled my car I figured she was done and then realized I was screwed since I went alone :p not a smart idea

Where abouts are you in Spokne?

To find the Beacon, look north of Spokane. It's the mountain with all the towers. Pretty much to the east of Hillyard, closest major roads are Freya and Upriver Drive.

As you can see, my Exploder isn't ready for the trip but I could go with my Jeep...

That would be awesome!! Do you have facebook, AIM or email so I can quit posing messages on here?

That would be awesome!! Do you have facebook, AIM or email so I can quit posing messages on here?

Sending you a PM...