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'95 lower control arm/ball joint question


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November 6, 2006
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Hilo, Hawaii
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'95 XLT
Hi folks!
I have a '95 4x4 and the front end cross member has been beat-up pretty bad. Currently there is no way to access and remove the differential inspection plate. I'm okay with that, as I have no reason to suspect problems there. I do however have worn ball joints on all (both upper & lower, right & left). My problem is this, the book tells me the lower ball joints connot be changed out without changing the lower control arm as a single control arm/ball joint part. My parts guy however is prepared to sell me the ball joint, by itself. I am leary of removing the existing lower control arm to press out old ball joints and press in new ones; my concern is not being able to get the control arm back in place once the ball joint swap-out work is complete.
Can anyone set me straight with regards to feasability of doing this ball joint replacement while leaving the control arm in place, and talk me through the procedure? Thanks in advance to all who can help.