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'95 Ranger Supercab STX


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December 5, 2006
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Nevada City, CA
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'95 Ranger STX
I am a new member, and have been a Ranger buff for a long time! I own a '95 Ranger which I bought new, and have modified it throughout the last 11 years! Mods include D44 w/ 5.38 gears, PowerTrax locker, three link suspension w/ King air shocks. Ford 9" rear w/ 5.38 gears, PowerTrax locker, and long-travel leafs, all clearing 38" Super Swamper Radials! I will have pics to follow soon! My question is: I was in an accident where a semi-truck hit me and I rolled severly, where my cab and whole front clip was destroyed! The frame and suspension is not damaged, just the body issues! I am having a hard time finding a '95 to '97 supercab to get the truck on the road! The interior is all in great shape! I was wondering if anyone knows if the interior: the doors, seats, windows, steering collumn, ect. would work in a '98 or newer supercab since they are more easy to come by! If anyone has any info, it would be extrememly appreciated!