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'95 single din installation with Scosche Dash kit


September 18, 2008
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Berkeley, CA
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'95 XLT
Help needed from someone, with experinece installing single dins in a 2nd gen explorer.

I've bought the Schosche FD1327b dash kit for my new radio, but have a little trouble finding out how to do the right install (Even though it seems pretty much straight forward...)

In the kit I have this "rear support bracket" which should be fastened to the rear of the my new single din radio. And then I can slide it on to a kind of track which is horisontaly mounted to the dash on the inside. But to slide it on, it have to catch the track thing within the first 2 inches of the track.
If I mount the scosche dash kit, with the pocket in the bottom, as described in the manual, the pocket would cover the first part of the rail, where the rear mount bracket have to catch the track.

I could just mount the radio in the dash kit, and then put it all into the dash at the same time, but then I wouldn't be apple to get the radio out again without taking the whole dash kit out, and that I can't do without crashing the frame of the dash kit...

Or I could just turn it upside down, having the pocket in the top, not covering for the track, but I like to have the radio as high as possible...

This was a long problem describtion, but there might be some way to do this the right way!

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i have never used that support bracket

So what you're saying is that the radio actually is well fastened without?

Shouldn't be a problem... I have not personally installed a stereo in my x, but I know from other car experiences, it was not required in them.

I don't have the bracket in mine and I have no issues at all. Not to mention it makes it so much easier to get back in there when needed.

dont use that bracket. all that will happen is it will bend and break the first time you take your head unit out anyway. its useless.

On my kit, there was the slide bracket that bolted to the rear of the radio, and that slid onto the track no problem, but yeah- I mounted mine with the pocket on top and I keep the remote in there:


This is how mine was in there, (I had the bracket removed from the back of the radio when I was hard wiring in my Garmin so I could remove the harness from the back of the radio, but you can see the track)


I chose to use the bracket, because it gave some support to the radio. Without it, the only thing holding it up in place were the radio sleeve tabs, and it would start to sag in there (that happened to two of my other ones on other vehicles) and this one has been in there a year and still site nice and tight. I like the positioning, I don't mind the height, it's not that different anyway.

Joe I cant see your photos. Did you remove them from photobucket? I know this is an old thread, but I need to mount the bracket in a bad way, but I dont have one. I would like to see it so I can maybe fabricate one?

I don't have this bracket in mine. Does the bracket in the kit attach to it?

When wheeling, I have to remove my HU or it will fall out :(

Sorry about that... I couldn't find those, but I'll take Snowball apart at 1:30 in the morning to help a brotha out! :D
I can't even find my GPS hardwire install pics. This sucks! :(

These are hosted here...

My kit was from Best Buy- the DYNEX kit, it was like $20... But I have the cubby on top for my install, I have a Pioneer deck and like to keep the remote in there.

The bracket screwed into two accepters that were on the back of the cubby, and the bracket screwed into the back of the radio with an adjustable slot on it to get a good fit.

The mount:


The back:


Larger pic of the back from Photobucket if this helps...


I've not had anything loose, and it's held well for almost 3 years, but my idea of "wheeling" is either Michigan potholes which I usually carefully navigate around, or the speed bumps in the parking lot at the mall... :D

AHA! I see how it's supposed to work now! Thanks Joe! I "Think" I still have the box the kit came in, hopefully that part is still in it.

I have caught my HU twice now in mid air with my right hand while climbing up a rock wall and the nose of the rig pointing at the sky while navigating the rig with the left hand and keeping my eyes on whats going on as not to roll my rig all in one motion as this sentence is doing :) Phew!

gman, there is a metal cage that wraps around the head unit. that cage is suppose to be fitted into the dash kit and then the tabs on it bent up to lock it in place. once you slide the head unit into the cage it will click into place and stay.

Thanks for the help guys!

I don't have the "Cage" for the HU, never did, and I purchased the HU new.

I will fab a bracket that fastens to the back of the HU & attach it to the dash somehow.

You might contact the maker, they may have a cage for it. Still- for a double DIN, I'd put something in there, that's a good amount of weight for just the retainer tabs on the cage...