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95 V6 losing coolant


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September 5, 2007
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Port Royal, Pa
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95 XLT
Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie here and need some help. My wife's 95 EX 4.0 V6 is losing coolant. I need to put in the catch tank every 2-3 weeks. When you first start it up, it runs rough for the 30 sec. or so then it smooths out and runs great. I don't see any white smoke and there are no visible coolant leaks. We have a concrete carport so I can see any leaks as soon as they happen. I checked the heater valve and found no residue. Can someone recommend what I should do next? It has 130,000 miles if that means anything.

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...could be a head gasket leak...:scratch:

What engine do you have? SOHC or the OHV?

4.0's have this problem sometimes with the lower intake manifold. Try retorquing it. You may find that the bolts are not tight. This slowed the leak down on my 92 years ago.

im new here but had the same problem i was loosing coolant on my 96 4.0. the coolant would just vanish without a trace, brought it for pressure test and it turned out to be a leaky lower intake gasket. so i recommend u get that pressure test hope this helps

If its a 95 its an OHV motor and.........thats sounds like it could also be a head gasket problem

Welcome to this forum! Autozone has a cooling system pressure tester as part of their tool loan program.