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95 wont rev past 2K RPM in Gear Only


June 27, 2004
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95 eddie bauer
Hey Guys, so here is whats going on. I usually only drive my Explorer like once a week, or in inclement weather. 1995 Explorer 4wd Eddie Bauier about 146K miles, so 1 day I drive it into work on a dry day, and I could feel a hesitation/sputter in the motor, Only happening in at Gear, at 1st it would sputter and slowly climb past 2500 RPM to like 4K, but now wont go past 2K RPM. No hesitation in P or N, revs out NP, here are my diagnostic steps.
-OBD 1, No Check Eng Light, Performed KOEO and KOER
-Checked for spark miss -Power Brake in gear, pull each ign wire 1 by 1, also sprayed wires with water, not jumping spark / no issue found (full tune up about 20K ago w/ platinum plugs)
-Install Fuel Gauge, KOEO about 40 PSI, running 35PSI, Power Brake and climbed to 40PSI (Fuel Filter / Pump replaced less than 1K miles ago) Also holds pressure for a few hours after shut down.
-Tried Diff MAF, same issue, Verified Air Filt wasn't clogged
-Checked for Vacuum Leaks with carb cleaner, and chasing vacuum lines, no issue found
-Checked coolant temp sensor, within value
-Check fuel pressure reg, no issue found
-Checked EGR wasn't stuck open, no issue found
-Checked TPS sensor (Part of KOER test) no issue found

Here is the strange part, I tried the SeaFoam intake spray, warmed engine, sprayed half the can into the TB while running, shut down, let soak for 5 min. Started it up, smoked a storm, but it ran perfect... For about 3 min, then started all over again. So with that I concentrated on a possible bad Injector / fuel. Also note, I had just filled up my tank, but it's the same gas station I've been going to for years, I even took a sample from the fuel rail, and didn't see any water and smelled like clean gas. Anyway, I bought the OTC Fuel Injector flush Canister and the solution. Followed the instruction, didn't make a diff. Anyone have any suggestions, I'm out of ideas, next I'm thinking about removing the Intake Manifold and scoping the Cam Pos Sensor, and checking the resistance across the injectors.