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95Exploderboy's York OBA


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August 12, 2002
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Annapolis, MD and Lebanon, PA
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1995 Sport
Here is a short write up about the instalation of a York compressor on my 95 Explorer. First I'll apologize abou the lack of build up pics because I was doing all this the day before my trip to Rausch Creek.

The cost tally:

York 210R Tube-O Compressor $30
~ 5 gallon tank $45
3 Hoses w/clamped on fittings $35
Serpentine Clutch Pulley $100
Steel for the mount $6
Serp. Belt and intake mods $25
Fittings/gauges/switches $80
Wiring kit $10
Total approx $330

The Build:

- A shot of my nice clean York

- Next thing I did was to remove my stock AC compressor

The hardest part is making sure that the York's pulley lines up with the other ones on the engine. To do this, I measured the distance from the left backmost bolt on the stock AC to the first groove on its pulley. Then I measured this distance on the York compressor. I used these measurements to get the correct offset for the new compressor. It actually came out nearly perfect, I really can't see any misalignment between the new pulley and the ones on the engine.

To mount the York I got a piece of 2"X6"X.25" rectangle steel tube. Would have liked a thinner wall, but this is what the shop had sitting around. I then proceded to lay out the engine mount holes on the bottom, and the York's hole pattern on the top Kilby has the dimensions for the York on their website. You will have to measure the stock AC holes as I forgot to record them when I did it. After laying out the holes I used a drill press to make them.

- Pics of my mount ( sorry for no shots of just the mount )


I used the appropiate bolts and lock washers to attach the bracket and compressor.

I used a setup like the one pictured here for my components and hoses etc.

- Oveall shot of the system under the hood

- Check valve / pressure gauge/ safety valve / pressure switch

- Another shot

- Shot of the hose running along the body mounts to the tank (I now my rockers look like he!!, the hose was red, but it looks grey in the pic)

- Shots of the tank


-The rear quick connect fitting

To use the serpentine setup I had to come up with a different belt path, but it wasn't too hard. All I basically did was eliminate the stock idler pulley. However this caused an issue with the stock intake. I used a piece of exhause pipe and rubber intake adapeters to correct this.

- Intake mod

- Modified temp sensor location

This probally wouldn't have fit under the hood without the 3" BL i have, even with that ther was a slight clearence issue I corrected with BFH

- My hood

To wire up the clutch I used a driving light wiring kit from WalMart that I just stripped down becasue I didn't need all the extra wires they had. I used this becasue it had a nice switch and relay built into it.

To avoid buying the compressor fittings from Kilby, I alse used a 3/8" NPT tap to tap the inside of the original fitting homes on the head of the compressor. Sorry for the lack of pics for this part.

As far as performance, it filled up my tires with no problem at about 3K RPMs after my trail ride. Didn't get a chance to run any tools of it yet, but i'm sure it will be able to handle it.

Thats about the long and short of it, sorry for the mediocre write up, but I really don't know what to say about it. At some point will come back and revise this page. You can check out more pics in my user gallery. If anyone has questions about the setup, feel free to ask.


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sweet write up....clean your engine lol.
i dont know much about AC but with the stock AC compressor does the AC still work?

95exploderboy said:
As far as performance, it filled up my tires with no problem at about 3K RPMs after my trail ride. Didn't get a chance to run any tools of it yet, but i'm sure it will be able to handle it.


Be careful. I have a york in my Jeep wrangler, using the Kilby setup. running things @ that rpm will get your compressor HOT.

I ended up melting down and destroying my coalescing filter this way.

According to the guys at Kilby, you really don't get THAT much more volume from high revs vs. idle. I now play it safe and only air up my 35's at idle.

I didn't catch if you set up yours with a coalescing filter or not. I don't think I saw one in there. It's a good thing to have in that it seperates the oil out of the air line. (make sure you have at least 4 feet between your york and your filter so that the oil can cool a smidge for best results). In addition, it'll take that oil you remove from your air line and allow you to send it back to your york to keep it lubed up.

good luck.

Thanks for the tips, I really didn't have that much time to play with it since I put it on. I finished it an hour before I hit the trails, and wit was raining when I was filling the tires back up so I thought more RPM the faster I could get out of the rain. I'll have to mess with it more today when I'm done wheelin. As far as the filter, no, I don't have one at the moment, the college budget didn't allow it, but I will be added shortly. Thanks for the tips..

i like it but dont feel like modifying for a york, ive be told that the stock ac compressor is up to small tasks, and a tank can accomidate larger ones.