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96 4.0L with problems.


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September 14, 2010
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mamaroneck, new york
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96 EB 4.0 OHC
I have a 1996 expolrer 4.0 dohv and its running real bad. clynders 4&6 are not firing and I changed most everything from coil pack, wires, plugs, plenum gaskets and still nothing but a p0174 code. any and all help. I have been following this group and know the answer is here. thanks, going nowhere in NY,

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Do you mean SOHC (Single overhead Cam)? Either way you should run a compression test, you may have bad compression caused by stuck valves, bad seals or rings.... You can get a compression tester from Harbor Freight for under $20 --- not sure what the compresison should be but you could test the good cylinders and then the misfiring ones and compare the pressures.

its a OHC sorry very frustrated here.

thanks, that was my next step. was running a little off so changed plugs and wires and all hell broke loose, everything is wired correct and plugs correct, just can't figure this one out.

Use Autolite or FORD OEM plugs, others including Bosch Platinum dont behave well in the engine. I used Bosch PP in my Taurus and it ran terrible.

are you positive plug wires 4 and 6 aren't swapped i've made that mistake once or twice even when i thought i did it right....sorry i have to ask because you said "i changed the plugs and wires and all hell broke loose"

That was exactly it. Downloaded the firing order from some site but it was wrong so I found it on this site and ran out with my flashlight switched the wires and bingo smooth as a babys back side. just have a vibration from the front @ highway speeds. almost feels like something draging or rubbing.
any ideas.