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96 5.0 Swap into 98 Chassis


November 19, 2015
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Weirton, WV
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Weirton, WV
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1998 Ford Explorer Sport
I have the complete powertrain out of a 96 5.0 2wd explorer to swap into my 98 4x4. I have an f150 4r70w that Im going to steal the output shaft, tail housing, and manual transfer case from.

My question is will there be any wiring differences between the 96-98? I know it wont have PATS. But will I have to re-pin the body harness to make this combination work?

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This is going into a 98 Sport... Forgot to mention that

lots of wire differences. i would also double check to make sure the t case fits. i know the most common swap is a 4406, but i dont know if thats because they are easier to come by or not

I have the 4406 t case and that's the one I will be using. my t case has the speed sensor in it and the v8 trans I will be mounting it to had the speed sensor in the tail housing, so all is well and good there. the speed sensor in the rear end will just end up being a dummy plug.

what Im wondering is if I have to re-pin the body harness where the engine harness plugs into the body harness? I guess I'll have to dig up some schematics

Yes there will be a few you have to re-pin or re-wire. I know on my 01 ranger to 97 computer I had change about 10 wire locations. Get you some diagrams and start comparing.