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96 & 99 for explorere 4.0 issues


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April 30, 2015
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Vancouver wa
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96 and 99 explorer
Okay I have a new fuel pump in the 96 explorer I thought that was orginally the problem because it had horrible fuel pressure, it has spark and fuel and it cranks over but does not fire.

Also in the the driver side/front(closest to headlight) cylinder it only has 105 psi

I hit it with start fluid and gas and got nothing but a huge backfire almost blew the welds on the intake.

As for the 99explorer it starts runs like crap low idle and it will backfire/miss at around 3-4 thousand rpms

It also has 105 psi in the same cylinder as the 96.

I work as a mechanic as a used car lot and usually just fix things with very little issues.

Thanks for the help gang!!!!

It could be a timing issue, if the chain jumped the teeth on the sprocket it could be causing the miss fires, and not starting problems. I'm not 100% on it but I'm fairly sure that could be your issue