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96' AWD V8 - Lift Options


March 8, 1999
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Denver, CO
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'96 EB
Want to know my lift options for optimum off-road ability. Understand high costs, want best solution. Thanks.

Best solution? Trash the IFS get a solid axle. Trash the AWD transfercase and get an Atlas. There! Wala! Out of the box Explorer with all the goodies. :) The other option is to do the normal Torsion twist and rear shackles. There also is supposedly a Trailmaster lift kit coming out someday maybe. Or you can get a Ranger lift kit modified to fit the Explorer. But if you stay with the IFS you will always have to battle with that big old snow shovel sitting down there along with poor flex out of the front end.

But it is interesting how those Hummers make that IFS work, isn't it? You may not get it 10 feet off the ground, but I bet you can make it work really well. Just my 2¢.