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96 EB 4x4 4R55E shift solenoids


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February 24, 2014
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Las Vegas/Henderson NV
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96 EB Explorer 4x4
I've been getting an intermittent P0731 code on my 96 EB 4.0 4x4.
Had trans rebuilt about 2 years ago. Re-used the the original valve body and solenoids except for the EPC solenoid. I had replaced that one prior to the rebuild.
Problem seems to mostly occur when outside temps are 100+ degrees in stop and go traffic..
Seems like the trans doesn't downshift all the way down to first. When taking off from a stop it feels like the trans is in the wrong gear or is slipping. If I manually shift out of D into 2 then back to Drive it seems to correct itself but I may get a P0731, Gear 1 incorrect ratio.
If I stop. turn off and restart the problem most times goes away.
I plan on servicing the trans with a fluid/filter change and want to replace the shift solenoids at the same time since the pan is down. Can all 4 shift solenoids be replaced while the VB is still in place?

Did you replace torque converter with a reman at rebuild?

Alrighty..revisiting this same problem now that summer is here again and temps are near 110 or above. I have been lazy in the cooler months and hadn't replaced any shift solenoids since the trans has been shifting fine. I know, I know..I heard it from the wife already. :eek:

Trans 4R55E. Seems to be a solenoid issue. I can manually shift from D1 to D2 then to Drive and it drives fine.

Rather than just replace a solenoid I am looking to replace the complete valve body with new solenoids already installed

Is the a better place that is recommended that updates/mods the valve body for better performance.

Seems I can find complete remaned valve bodies on ebay. Are there there better options?
$145.00 Warranty: Lifetime Core Charge: No


Sonnex V/B:
$473.64 :confused: Warranty: Lifetime Core Charge: $40.00


Is something like the Sonnex really that much different? :dunno: At $500 total that is half what I paid for the rebuild of my trans.....