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96 EB Center console lid


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February 24, 2014
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Las Vegas/Henderson NV
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96 EB Explorer 4x4
Has anyone did anything to upgrade the center console lid on their Explorers.
Mine pretty much separated yesterday. The base is still good but the base for the padded section finally lost the last screw in posts and cracked diagonally.
I'm going to try and find another at a junkyard but time to get there is the main issue.
I was wondering if I could make something out of wood, attach to the base and recover with the stock pad and cover.
Anyway..anyone have anything to suggest?

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Thanks..that one has the same kind of idea for the base but I want to used the padded top.
I'm thinking the bottom with the 3 "rails" around the edge, a thinner top piece to which the pad and cover will be attached to.

I googled all those. I don't need the pad/cover kit. Mine are fine. I also don't want to spend $50+ for a console lid. My EB isn't a show truck...

I wish someone sold just the plastic piece that seems to break......

I'd be concerned that a thin enough piece of wood to allow reuse of your pad/cover, will be more brittle than the plastic was. If I went that route, I'd use wood thicker than the plastic height was, and find a scrap of leather on ebay to make a new cover, or vinyl from a fabric shop if the color is right?

I might put a sheet aluminum panel on top of the wood to reinforce it... I mean I have the aluminum, if I didn't I'd just make the wood a little thicker, but for now mine is acceptable after epoxying in some solid core wire to reinforce it, and heating the vinyl with a hair dryer to stretch it while I put it back on... I was a bit worried I'd rip it but it stretched okay.

Found some free time this morning and stopped by the junkyard on my way home.
Found a center console lid for my 96 and a couple of front Ford logo floor mats. Just under $15..


New lid and floor mats installed...