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'96 Explorer AWD Front driveshaft vibration


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October 31, 1999
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Peyton, CO
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'96 & '98 XLT V8, '00 XLS
I am having getting a vibration in the front driveshaft that is driving me crazy. I have a '96 V8 Explorer with the double cardan front driveshaft. The vibration is the worst during acceleration right before the transmission shifts. If you take the front driveshaft out, the vibration goes away. I have rebuilt the double cardan with new u-joints and cup, I replaced the bearings in the transfer case, and I had the front DS balanced, all to no avail. I temporarily swapped the transfer case and front driveshaft from my '97 Mountaineer (which has the CV style front DS) and got no vibrations, so I know there is nothing wrong with front differential. What else can I do? Anyone else have this problem?