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'96 Explorer Fuel Problems


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August 5, 2012
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Fremont, Nebraska
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1996 Ford Explorer
Hey everyone,

Thursday I left work to find that my Explorer would not start, I would get good crank but no start. I determined that it was a fuel pump problem, as I had just filled the tank recently, I heard it whining a few days prior and now there was no fuel pump noise, the fuse and relay was good. I went to O'Reillys and bought a new fuel pump and fuel filter and replaced them in the 102F heat on black asphalt. :(

After replacing it, it started up just fine ran great until this morning. I was driving on the interstate and it was doing fine, until suddenly I lost fuel pressure, the gas pedal wouldn't work and I coasted to the side of the road. The vehicle died, and i attempted to start it, it would start intermittently and run for maybe 3-5 seconds before dying.

Any ideas? Faulty pump? Not a fuel problem?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks


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See if Autozone will rent or loan a fuel pressure gauge and check if the new pump is performing properly. Have you already replaced your fuel filter?

I have replaced the fuel filter. Do you know of a site where I can find the fuel pressure specs for my vehicle?

32-40 psi should be enough for a 96

So, I haven't yet had the chance to test my fuel pressure yet...waiting on payday. But I went out today to fiddle with the Explorer and started it up today. It started just fine, repeatedly. I let it run for about 25 minutes and let it get up to temp. I gave it some throttle and sat on it for 30 seconds to a minute at a time and let it drop back down to idle. I did notice that it would drop very low and almost drop out and then catch and go back to idle. Other than that it has been running just fine, I hear the pump every time I cycle the key and it stays running just fine.

Could it be an intermittent problem with the pump? Or relay? Or could this be a plugs and wires type of problem now? It did just hit 200k miles.

Is it possible that there was some residual air in the fuel lines that didn't get out until I got on the highway?

I really need to use this vehicle, yet I'm scared to take it out on the highway again.