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96 Explorer odometer fix


August 10, 2012
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94 explorer
I have a problem with the odometer / trip not working. Through research on this site, I replaced the worm gear on the electric motor behind the speedometer. The gear was broken.

I cleaned out the broken pieces, installed the new gear, and put everything back together. I still have no odometer/trip meter.
What else could be wrong? The speedometer is working fine.

Thanks in advance for your help

My guess would be that the motor could be bad. Did you unplug the motor when you were replacing the gear?

No, I pulled the motor, and carefully replaced the gear, leaving the wiring harness plugged in.
Once I had the gear down on the shaft, I just twisted the motor back in.

If I pull it back out, is there a way to test it?

I don't know the specs. The plug looks simple enough to test for resistance. Maybe someone on the board has a wiring diagram with the voltage for that motor. Throw some volts at the motor with it off the gauge cluster and see if it works.