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'96 Explorer, paint code ?

I am trying to sort out the Paint code for my Explorer, it seems like the sticker is missing from my door, where I see it's normally located.
Only sticker I find is the one below.
But there is no Paint code there, or ?

My Explorer is black, but the fenders and skirts are grey, any suggestions how to find the code for these colors ?


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I am not sure. I will show it to my painter tomorrow.

Apparently though some one building that truck was a U2 fan ;)

Ok, thanks.
Any Place I can find something through my VIN number ?

UA is the black
TR is the silver trim

Seems like my car isn't black, but dark blue/black, is that the UA code ?

I believe my main color is KN/ Dark Lapis Metallic, but still not sure about the trim color.....

we looked it up in the computer at work

UA is the body color and TR is the trim.

Thanks, I have bought both UA an TR now :)