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96 explorer problems that are bugging me. Please help?


October 17, 2001
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Brooklyn, Newyork
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96 XLT
Hello all:
My 96 explorer steering wheel is hard to turn. It feels like it needs power steering fluid but the fluid level normal and I changed the fluid not to long ago. The problem sort of went away during the warm summer weather but seems to return when it gets cold outside.
Anyone know what could cause this.
And also Im having trouble with the front drivers door lock. It works but the lock does not go down all the way. I have to push it manually down for it to lock. I tryed some W2 spray but no luck. What you guys think it is?
Thanks in advance

could your power steering pump be bad? Bearing seized, or belt slipping?

My pass. side door lock did something like that. Also the key didn't work from the outside.

If I hit the PL a couple times in the same direction, then they seemed to work. It never had to be manually pushed.

With my key, i tried it a couple time and pushed hard. It sounded rough, but everything is working since.

Just a thought:confused:

The door lock problem could be the actuator going out. I have had to replace two of them so far. They start as an intermittent problem, but will eventually stop working altogether. I started to notice because the door wouldn't lock all of the time.