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Luis Cayetano

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August 13, 2018
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San Diego, CA
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1996 Explorer Sport
Hello ive been following this page for a while never signed up, I have a 1996 Ford Explorer sport 2wd 4.0L V6 wanted to know if anyone here has done an automatic to manual transmission swap on my type of explorer, I’ve found many on different years but not mine and I want to make sure I get everything right for when I do this to my truck, any help is appreciated.

Sure it can be done
Hardest part will be finding a 1996 4.0 2wd 5 speed computer
You may also be able to tune your PCM to forget about the old automatic

You will need many parts including the pedal assembly from a 5 speed Gen II, 5 speed & wiring, flywheel, clutch & hydraulics, and more.
This conversion has been done many many times. People looking to get rid of the problematic auto trans and convert to the M5od have been doing this for years.
You can use your automatic computer to run the 5 speed for a while, but it is best to swap it out or install the correct computer to complete the conversion.

Your 96 is no different from the other trucks you have found that have done the conversion. 1996 is a good year for the explorer and the sport, lots of 5 speed transmissions on Ebay to chose from
If you can find a donor locally you can source most/all of your parts from one place

Thank you for your help just one question do you know of a thread or a page that lists all the parts needed for this swap, does the transmission have to be a certain type? Just a little confused because I’ve read on how people need to choose a specific transmission.