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'96 Explorer V8 Thermostat Housing / Water Outlet - 90 degree same as 95 Mustang V8


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July 22, 2011
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Tuttle, Oklahoma
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'96 XLT

I'd been on this forum in the past, but unfortunately forgot my username/password and have switched ISPs since then so I had a create a new user name.

I'm hoping I can get some help/insight here before I have to dish out another $85-$100 for a part my Explorer. I have a '96 XLT V8 302 that I've had to replace the radiator due to a leak. After replacing that I realized I also had a leak from the hose from the top of the water pump to the bypass on the thermostat housing. When I removed that hose the majority of the metal tubing that was in the housing basically broke apart.

Here's my dilemma: I've been to O'Reillys and AutoZone to try to locate the housing locally, but in every instance they've either given me a part without the bypass, or a part with the bypass and a 45 degree connection to the upper hose. With the 45 degree connection, the fan blade would simply shred the hose.

On a whim, I checked out the housing for a 95 Mustang V8 .. It's a 90 degree connection like the one I pulled off, with the bypass .. My question is will this work for me?

For reference, the one I was given was (45 degree), and what it looks like I need is a Motorcraft SH-37 (90 degree) .. The 90 degree is exactly what I pulled off but listed for a 95 Mustang..

Any insight is greatly appreciated ..


I was able to order the actual part through Ford for $100. I checked with OReillys later that same day for the part for a '95 Mustang V8 .. It's the same part, but only cost $12. Only thing you really have to pay attention to is the gasket. I'll be returning the $100 Ford part.
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