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96 Explorer - Where is Amp


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January 31, 2005
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96 Explorer
I just bought a 96 4 door Explorer. The stock radio was removed and a new cd player was 1/2 installed. The guy who installed the cd cut all the wires and removed the harness. I have the power wires to the new deck hooked up and now have to get the speakers working. I am reading other posts and now realize that there is an external amp that I need to find and hook up or bypass. Where would I find this Amp? Now that the wires have been cut is there a color code for the wires that I need to hook up?

my reccomendation is you go get the stock wiring harness from a junkyard and hook it back up in your truck. Then from there use an aftermarket wiring harness that plugs into your stock kit to hook up the cd player. The amps are in the back quarter panel on the passenger side of the truck. It is mounted right on top of the wheel well. You'll need an amp bypass kit.

What is a Amp-Bipass??? i have a 1996 Explorer EB and mine came with a JBL Premium Sound system....i did some research and found a harness SWI-X interface by PAC. this interface will solve the problem for anyone would like to keep all thier Stearingwheel controls and/or Rear Controls as well. But now i stumbled on to another problem, i was told once i change the Factory Radio i will loose my amp/sub