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96 Explorer XLT - where to find chrome trim along doors


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July 16, 2012
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Mount Rainier, Md.
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1996 Ford Explorer XLT
Hey guys,
This is my first posting on the forums...wow theres a ton of great info on here. My question is pretty simple and I didn't see much on it when I searched

The thin chrome trim along my doors has fallen off over the years. Do I need a specific chrome trim from Ford or is it pretty standard stuff that I could pick up at Advance Auto and install. Also, what adhesive do you recommend? I know many times it comes with 3M adhesive but I feel like that may not be strong enough.

I appreciate the help!

I had some kind of molding along the door that fell off too, but underneath it was a chrome strip. When I get my 95 XLT painted, I will probably just have that part painted gray or just leave it the same color as the truck. Best advice I could give you is try a junk yard. I haven't found the piece on Ebay or LMC truck.