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96' Fixing Up Troubled Ride...


March 8, 1999
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Denver, CO
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'96 EB
I have a 96 explorer with V8 and awd. The problem is the truck is up to 84k and starting to develop a very poor ride. I can hear the front suspension sweak when the suspension articulates over dips in the driveway. The ride is very harsh and I can feel the grain of the road (well almost). At low speeds a sharp turn can still prompt a squeal from the tires. I dont want to buy another car, I simply want to see what steps I can do to fix up the front and rear suspension. Its also very clunky and tracks poorly and to top it off I also have the 55-65 shakes.

Are there any bushings that I could/should replace? Any other parts that might help smooth things out?
How about a softer toxico rear spring?

I want to bring the ride as close to new, and wont mind investing some cash, the engine is stronger.

Any help will appreciated!


Hello and welcome.

Id get new shocks (gabriel vst,edelbrock,bilstien,monroe,old man emu,rancho,etc) and get an suspension alignment. im not sure about the new bushings though. anybody else want to comment....