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'96 overhead console map light replacement?


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August 8, 2007
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How do you access the map light bulb in the overhead console to replace it? I just can't figure out how to get to the bulb just looking at it. Am I missing something obvious I hope?

take out the (clear) plastic grab the bull. twist and pull

Know it's old, but maybe someone else will need the info... After you pop the plastic lens off, there are two metal bulb retainers, one for each light. There is a slot for a flat blade screwdriver on the metal bulb retainer- turn the retainer and it will drop down, there is a bullet light inside... Wal Mart etc., carry them, but the part numbers that show up for the maplights in the Sylvania book didn't match up when I was there, I needed to match the size and bulb type...