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96 Ranger 4x4 auto locking hub rebuild help?


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January 22, 2010
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olney, il
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1996 xlt
Hello all:

I have a 96 Ranger with the auto locking front hubs. I know I should change them over to manual locking hubs but hate to spend the money right now.

I have cleaned both hubs (brake cleaner and a degrease, hot ATF fluid, all while working the springs up and down) and found a small piece of flat metal in one of them. I am going to guess it is the end of the spring. Kinda looks like it could be. When I put both hubs back on one will stop about a 1/4" or so from the rotor. When you push you can feel the spring depress. I am sure that this means this hub is good. The other one (one with piece of metal in it) just pushes all the way on with no spring pressure from it. I am guessing this one is bad.

I have found the "Washer Fix". But this would just be a temporary fix if the springs are breaking inside the lockouts. So, is there a way to take the lockouts apart and replace the springs? I took the ring clip off the inside of the bad lockout but could not get it apart?

Any ideals? Or has anyone dissected one?



PS: I have searched this site and many others and have found nothing about rebuilding auto locking hubs.