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96 sport ,, lift? or throw tires on??

dtl 2k2 sport

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February 29, 2004
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stafford Va
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2002 SPORT
I have a 96 SPORT,, 4x4,
i would like to throw some 33's under that sob, but dont really wanna go through the effort of throwing on a body lift. If i put some 15x10.5/ or 12.5 rims would i get by w/ out having to lift or mild trimming?? ooooooR
would i need to lift it and deal w/ that mess? Thanks ,, i tried searching but havent had any luck.
Thanks for the insight,

A lift would help. Check this out. Dead Link Removed Even with a 1-2 inch lift the 33s may still require extensive trimming.

i have 33's on mine, with no cutting so far , it wasn't easy , and it was not cheap, but it can be done,,
how did i do it ?

suspension lift , and the wheels and tires,

if you want to go a bit bigger in the wheel and tire department, there is a way to lift it for cheap high enuff for 31 inch tires,,

31's will fit fine, i had a set on my old explorer sport, stock , but im trying to avoid doing the body lift, and deff not spending money on a suspension lift. I was just wondering if it could be one w/ out going those routes, body lift would deff be cheaper, but still a lot of labor. Thanks for the info fellas!,