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'96 to '01 guage cluster swap


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July 8, 2005
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The title is quite clear. I'm trying to swap my '96 cluster, to an '01 cluster. My cluster went bad, miles stopped turning over, speedo won't kick in until around 20 mph, some lights don't work, etc.

I'm just wondering how to do it. will it fit directly????

I know all my wires for my 96 are good, just had them checked. The problem with the speedo is I had a guy take a look at the odometer to see what was wrong, and he removed the speedometer needle, and didn't put it back on right. Then the thing with the bulbs is, they are burnt out, and if I go in to fix everything, I might as well do the swap that I want. Makes sense, right????

Just let me no if the '01 sport guage cluster is a direct fit.



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February 11, 2001
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1975 Ford Bronco 4x4
I just tried this. It's didn't work 100% for me. The "fuel cap" light came on when the doors opened. The "check engine" light didn't come on at all. The temp gauge always read close to HOT. There are some slight differences between the 95-97 and 98-01 gauges apparently. Nothing horrible. But in CA, our trucks won't pass smog inspection if the check engine light doesn't come on for a brief period when you first start the truck. So I couldn't keep it in. It's in my 98 Mountaineer now and looks sweeet. :D