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96 to 98 Trans Swap


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January 27, 2008
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Dover, Tn
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96 Eddie Bauer
I have a 96 Eddie Bauer 4.0 that the transmission and t-case went out in. I swapped them out with a transmission and t-case from a 98 Eddie Bauer. It wasn't until after the swap that I realized that the speedo sensor for the 96 setup was located on the t-case and is a mechanical (with gears) while on the 98 setup it is located on the transmission and appears to be a proximity sensor. The vehicle runs and drives fine with the exception of it will not go into overdrive.

I connected the wires to the 98 sensor and my vehicle will go into overdrive, but when I am doing approximately 35 the speedo indicates that I am doing over 90.

My thoughts were that if I could possibly put an inline resistor or something similar and use the 98 sensor to the original wiring I might be able to get the vehicle to shift into overdrive.

Any help would be appreciated!!!