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96 trans failure


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October 17, 2010
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1997 XLT AWD 5.0
I just bough a 96 with a 4.0 paid $300 for it cause it stopped pulling. I just went outside and started it for the first time since I bought it.

The issue:
Crank truck pull into drive, slight bump like it went into gear, gas it, nothing, more gas it moved a foot with a flat tire and in the yard. The od light flashed briefly and went out. I do not have a way to pull the code. Reverse, nothing at all I hear a slight rattling/ ticking sound in gear.

Im thinking:
Torque converter
Filter issue
Electronic components

Any input?

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I would check the fluid pressure. The ticking noise could have to do with the pump.

Just ordered a hydro gauge from northern tool. Gonna have to make a line at work. Hopefully there are fittings there. I was moving a little slow with the truck because of lack of time and money. Now I'm wanting to drive it as a DD since diesel is getting on up there. I started it up again no ticking. Going to chain it to my dually and drag it into the shop.

After doing some reading on the site I'm thinking valve body issue. I found a thread on the pressures. I guess a valve body issue I will get all low pressures?

All the pressures are in normal range. What now? Pop the pan for inspection?

pulled the pan and filter. no metal in the pan, no broken pieces, no massive amount of clutch material. o/d flash codes were, vss and input turbine speed. i think it was. bolts on valve body were not loose at all and had decent torque.

Pulled the vb off. Trans is screwed anyhow so what would it hurt. Took the seperater plate off. And the gasket was extremely brittle. Guess this is a tear down diary instead of a help thread.

Thinking I'm going to rebuild this trans seeing as how I can pull it off for about $450. Which is awesome cause I dropped $1100 in my dually last summer. Only thing different my dually got was a deeper pan from derale. I'll be throwing in all new clutches, steels, bands seals bushings shift kit tc etc. the deep pan for this trans is high as crap. And the ex won't be doing any heavy towing. That's why I have the dually.