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96 XLT 6 Disc Issue


December 9, 2005
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96 XLT
Clarion 6 Disc in console was working great today I get in the truck hit cd and the changer changes through every disc and comes up with no cd. Doesn't matter if there is one cd or six. Same issue every time. Is there a reset? Or had anyone else had this issue?

mine does this to.
if you find out how to fix it PM me

i dont have a clarion changer, but when my kenwood did that. i would take the cartridge out, turn my car off, turn my car back on, replace cartridge, and it worked.

hopefully that will help!

oh yah i just remembered. i fixed that problem by getting a new interface cable (mine got pinched or something like that.) so i replaced the interface cable and it worked perfectly.

I too am having this problem, I just picked up a 97 explorer last week and finally got around to putting some discs in the 6 disc player.
I put three in and pushed CD, it skipped through the first spots and then picked one to play, it played the first song and I decided that I wanted a different disc when I hit skip it said NO DISC.
Since then, that is all it will say and it won't eject the discs.
I didn't read the manual and paniced that I put the discs in backwards or something. My question is, is there a way to get the discs back out and will it ever play again?

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