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96 XLT AWD 5.0 - Binding in reverse


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August 22, 2006
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95 XLT, 96 XLT, 97 Mounty
I have searched the threads here but haven't found anything helpful.

My wife called me and told me she had stopped off at the house after an errand but when she went to leave for work her truck would not back up. It felt like the brake was on.

I went home and checked to make sure teh ebrake was off then tried baking it up. It was bound up when reversing (bumps and resists moving). When I took it forward everything was good. I looked under the truck while she backed it up foot or two but couldn't see or hear anything unusual.

I am going to head back home and give it a good look over again. Any troubleshooting ideas would be appreciated.

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Figured it out...

Seems that the upper caliper bolt worked it's way out and allowed the caliper to float upwards when backing up.

Lesson learned... Use locktite on these bolts

Some locktite may be used at the factory but I never put any on my own calipers or customers calipers and haven't had a problem. Just make sure you use some "blue" locktite and not the "red" stuff. If you use red you may never get it back out again.

There is red locktite on the other bolt and the Ford replacement. Thanks for differentiating the blue and red..

I'm not sure the red stuff they put on from the factory is the same as the locktite red. With the locktite red one sometimes would have to use some heat to break it down in order to unscrew the bolt. Like I said, I haven't used anything for 20 yrs and haven't had any problem. There may be enough "residue" on the threads to help somewhat.