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'96 XLT Transmission Problem...HELP!


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March 4, 2008
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Yorktown, VA
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'96 XLT
Our '96 Explorer XLT 4.0L(approx 140K miles) w/ a 4r55e recently experienced a drivetrain failure. It will not move in either forward or reverse. If I jack up the rear end & put it in gear, the wheels move in the appropriate direction (forward or backward). When lowered to the ground, it will move in forward or reverse VERY slowly if I rev up the engine. Other than a faint "scraping" sound coming from the bellhousing area when in gear, nothing else seems unusual---fluid level is fine & appropriate color. Also, when the vehicle moves either forward or backward (slowly) there are no unusual noises. Am I most likely looking at a TC failure or something more extensive? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

It's possible that the torque converter failed or the EPC solenoid is not maintaining the proper amount of pressure to apply the clutch packs, bands, and servos. Did you check the fluid level? Do you have a flashing overdrive or check engine light?