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96 XLT V8: Tripmeter/Odometer Fails, Speedo OK


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August 7, 2001
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Metro ATL, Georgia USA
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1996 XLT 5.0
To get trip/odometer working 100% once again, what should be done?

While I'm at it, are there any attractive alternative speedo/tach/etc. faceplates I should consider?

Current odometer reading is 217K; probably close to 5K short right now.

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There's a small plastic worm gear that deteriorates
from heat and breaks. A company called odometergear
sells a replacement gear to fix it. Cost is about $25-30
if I remember correctly.

They have a website with instructions on how to
replace the gear.

Or grab a junkyard unit, easier to swap if you don't want to do the gear...

Could grab a 2001+ Sport whiteface cluster...

They have a website with instructions on how to replace the gear.

Wow, the procedure is easier than I anticipated.

Thanks for the link. I plan to order a new worm gear and get it installed soon.

I replaced to worm gear no fixy. I replaced instrument cluster no fixy.
Speedo is fine but no odo. Is there a sensor on the tranny?

Did you put your new worm gear into replacement instrument cluster?

Good luck, and drive safe.

Here is the service manual. For a 97, but should be the same (96 not as detailed). VSS I believe is on the transfer case. There may be two VSS if you have 4x4.
The odo uses the speedo signal, so that is weird.