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96 XLT won't start


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November 19, 2007
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Western Massachusetts
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96 XLT
Last week truck wouldn't when my wife was leaving work. When she went back the next day it started right up, and ran great for a little over a week. This morning it again wouldn't start. So I go out and try to start it up, I don't here the fuel pump cycle as usual, so I swap one of the relays to the fuel pump in the distribution box under the hood. Still nothing, does this sound like it could be a fuel pump?:(

Thanks for your help, Steve

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It does. The pump isn't all that hard to change.

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edit--does the check engine light illuminate when the key is switched to "on"?

Not sure about the check engine light. I will have to check in the morn. as I am at work. What would that indicate?

If the PCM isn't on, then the fuel pump won't be switched on. If the check engine light comes on , the PCM is powered .
if not, check the PCM relay.

Thanks for the info I will check that in the AM;)

Got home this morning, while turning over the engine I wacked the fuel tank wuth a rubber mallet, and what do you know it fired right up. Then quit again. Definatly the fuel pump?:(