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96X Faded Trim (PIC)

Is there a lasting, quality way to repaint the faded black plastic trim? My wife says she's going to need a new Escalade if I can't get the trim black again on her '96 X.


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I had the same problem, seems to be a common one. I sprayed mine black, wish I remember the brand of paint, but it has held up for 3 years. Just buy a quality black spray, mask it off, and give it a few coats.

you dont want an escalade.
Espicially the payments associated with such a POS.

I digress.
Yeah paint it. A decent ratttle can will do the trick.

If its plastic try Bondo Restore Black. I used it on my mirrors and it worked wonders, I was thinking of trying it on that spot but wasnt sure if it was plastic or metal. If you do try it though, the applicator is too big, get some foam paint brushes, then after like 2 coats, finish with a papertowel (use gloves while doing this too) cuz the brush can leave brush strokes. I just put the restore black on a papertowel for the final coat, and used a q-tip to get to spots the brush and finger wouldnt fit.

Edit: I lied, I used blue shop towels from walmart, they are thicker and softer than papertowels.

I just looked closely at mine. They are in the first stages of this. Kinda odd since it has been garaged for about 99% of it's first nine years

I have a 96 with the same color paint, the pillars were beginning to fade.
I used Krylon semi flat black, a bunch of masking tape and newspaper.

Took all of an hour to smooth the factory paint, clean it, and spray 3-4 light coats
I also did the pillars between the front and rear doors.

Made a world of difference, truck looks new again.
The wiper arms can also be done while you are at it.
Next I will be painting my wiper cowl and some other small plastic trim pieces to bring the truck back up to par.

8 Month Update: I masked and painted the plastic pillars with Krylon Fusion Satin Black spray paint from ACE Hardware, with no pre-sanding. Just wiped down with paint thinner, let dry & hit with the rattle can.

After 8 months, the pillars look excellent, with no fading, wearing, flaking, or other problems. The truck looks a lot better & I recommend this cheap & easy project.